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HTSMAs 2018- 2nd International Conference on High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys

15 - 18 May 2018, Irsee (Germany)

There is growing interest from academia and industry in high-temperature shape memory alloys, as these repre-sent a fascinating field both from a basic science and an application point of view. Recent literature demonstra-tes that substantial progress has been made since the first conference exclusively devoted to this topic. In fact, some of the materials developed lately, are already very attractive in terms of microstructural stability, reversible transformation strain and price of the constituents. Yet, the field is still rapidly evolving and the impact of new concepts such as high entropy alloys is not even clear yet. Thus, there is again a need to bring together the leading experts in order to advance the field and to bridge the gap „From Basics to Applications“.The 2nd Conference on High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys will provide a setting for all those interested in basic aspects and applications of high temperature shape alloys. There will be ample time to exchange ideas and discuss the latest research. The conference is expected to shed new light on the different aspects of the processing-microstructure-property relationships, characterisation, testing, and modelling and last but not least on applications of high tempera-ture shape memory alloys.

The topics of the conference will include:

• Constitution and Alloy Development

• Processing

• Characterization and Testing

• Functional and Structural Degradation

• Modeling

• Applications

Call for Abstracts

The organizing committee welcomes abstract submissions for oral or poster presentations. Abstracts are to be submitted by November 17, 2017 at the latest through the conference website. All abstracts will be checked for conformance with the scope of the conference, and will undergo technical review. A condition for submission is that accepted papers will be presented at the conference by one of the authors. Especially young scientists are en-couraged to actively contribute to the conference by submitting an abstract.

Keydates and Deadline

Submission of Abstracts 17 November 2017

Notice to Authors December 2017

Preliminary Programme January 2018




The 1st Conference on High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys, which was held May 5-8, 2015 in Wildbad Kreuth, Germany, brought together experts from 15 countries. The German Society for Materials Science (DGM) and materials scientists from the research unit 1766 (http://www.for1766.de), which is sponsored by the German Research Foundation, jointly organized this event to discuss the latest research on high temperature shape memory alloys.