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M. Sc. Philipp Krooß

Doctoral Candidate
Institut für Werkstofftechnik
FB 15 - Institut für Werkstofftechnik
Metallische Werkstoffe
Mönchebergstr. 3
34125 Kassel
room: 2214

phone: +49 (0)561 8043678
fax: +49 (0)561 8043662

Bild von M. Sc. Philipp Krooß

Philipp Krooß started his PhD in March 2012 at the Lehrstuhl für Werkstoffkunde (LWK) at Paderborn University. He is investigating the fatigue properties (functional and structural degradation) of HTSMA under various loading conditions. Employing advanced in-situ characterization techniques he investigates mechanisms leading to degradation on the macro-, meso- and microscale. Especially the use of digital image correlation (DIC) for characterization of local strain evolution at the sample surfaces allows for detection of local instabilities, i.e. accumulation of irreversible strains induced by stabilization of the martensitic phase. Philipp Krooß moved 2014 to Technical University of Bergakademie Freiberg and works now in the Emmy Noether-Group of Institute of Material Engineering. Philipp Krooß moved in November 2015 to Institute of Materials Engineering/Metallic Materials at the University of Kassel.

Research focus:

  • functional and structural stability of Co-Ni-Ga and Ti-Ta-X HTSMA
  • in-situ characterization of local strain evolution
  • microstructure characterization at elevated temperatures
  • modeling of thermo-mechanical behavior by means of energy minimization theory