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On the functional degradation of binary titanium-tantalum high-temperature shape memory alloys – A new concept for fatigue life extension

authors:T. Niendorf, P. Krooß, E. Batyrsina, A. Paulsen, J. Frenzel, G. Eggeler, H.J. Maier
publication:Funct. Mater. Letters, Volume 7


High-temperature shape memory alloys are promising candidates for actuator applications at elevated temperatures. Ternary nickel–titanium-based alloys either contain noble metals which are very expensive, or suffer from poor workability. Titanium–tantalum shape memory alloys represent a promising alternative if one can avoid the cyclic degradation due to the formation of the omega phase. The current study investigates the functional fatigue behavior of Ti–Ta and introduces a new concept providing for pronounced fatigue life extension.